Shepparton brigade members sport mo’s for Movember

A group of Shepparton firefighters have put away their razors this month to take part in Movember, already raising more than $4,500 for men’s health and suicide prevention.


Aiming to reach their donation goal of $10,000, a group of five volunteer and 12 career firefighters are growing out their moustaches for the month of November.

The group is hoping to build on the strong support they received last year, when they raised $10,063 in total donations.

Qualified Firefighter Daniel Maynard and Leading Firefighter Chris Bethell of Shepparton Fire Brigade have led the initiative and pushed for other brigade members to get involved once again.

“We’ve come together as an integrated team to support men’s health because it’s very important. Historically we as men have neglected it when really we needed to address it,” Mr Maynard said.

“We want to break down the barriers associated with mental health and encourage other CFA members to speak up when they’re not feeling themselves as mental health is just as important as physical.

“We hope to build a culture of acceptance around mental health at Shepparton Fire Brigade and encourage the community to support us in doing this as well.”

As well as the participating members, a number of the CFA vehicles will also be sporting stick-on moustaches throughout the month.

“We’d see a physiotherapist if we had a sore knee and we’d see a chiropractor if we had a sore back, so we should encourage seeing mental health professionals if we’re not feeling up to scratch in that regard,” Qualified Firefighter Maynard said.

Community members wishing to offer their support can donate on the brigade’s Movember page

Author: CFA News & Media