Ship fire continues at Port of Portland

Emergency services continue to respond to a fire on board the livestock carrier at the Port of Portland.

On Tuesday night, CFA crews onboard the ship discovered that the front, starboard side of the fodder storage silo was on fire and spreading to the rest of the storage area.

Suppression activities have included the use of inert gases, the injection of water and suppression mediums into the silo. As of 9am today, the fire is still evident and contained within the confines of the ship. There has been no fire-related waste or effluent released into the environment.

The ship has a stock carrying capacity of 20,000 head of cattle with an above deck fodder storage compartment. The fodder storage compartment presently contains 800 tonnes of pelletised stock feed. No stock are aboard the vessel.

The Port of Portland operations have not been affected by the fire onboard the ship and business continues as normal.

Emergency services continue to ask that people avoid the area. 

Author: Sharon Mifsud