Sky high skills put to the test

CFA led a multi-agency training exercise at Simonds Stadium’s light towers to heighten their rescue skills.

Station Officer Mark Hildebrandt organised the Geelong event on 5 May as a base for planning to have procedures in place if and when emergency services were called to an emergency involving a wind farm or tower.

“I knew all emergency services would benefit from this training day as we all know wind farms are increasing and therefore so is the risk,” SO Hildebrandt said.

“I planned this workshop day after spending a month at Portland Fire Station where there are many wind turbines in the area.

“The exercise consolidated our extrication procedures, roping operations and tested the equipment used to implement a safe rescue.”

MFB, VICSES and Victoria Police were part of the exercise which gave each agency the chance to test their capability and resourcing.

“We had around 40 emergency services personnel on the day which was great. It was a good multi-agency networking opportunity,” SO Hildebrandt said.

“MFB would use these rescue skills for the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel so it was a great practice day for everyone involved.

“Training programs across the state are only going to get bigger so this was a great exercise which will no doubt be replicated in other districts.

“I want to thank everyone involved in the planning and to those who participated on the day. I also want to thank Simonds Stadium for allowing us to use their facilities and to the production company who produced the great video highlighting our achievements on the day.” 


Author: CFA Media