South East Region CFA female volunteers leadership weekend

Wild weather didn't deter CFA female volunteers from participating in a leadership weekend near Wilsons Promontory in late June.


Raft Building

The project, which was funded by EMV, established two 'Women’s Network' groups in Districts 10 and 27. After a forum held in 2017, there was an overwhelming response to providing leadership training for female volunteers.

As a result of this request, an extremely successful women’s leadership weekend was held near Wilsons Promontory towards the end of June. The camp was designed to encourage female participants gain confidence and foster their skills to assist them in fulfilling their leadership potential in CFA.

A total of 17 women from Districts 9, 10 and 27 came together to participate in a number of activities which tested their mettle both individually and through team challenges. Of the 17 participants 11 were already undertaking leadership roles either within CFA or through their work commitments. Despite the very wet weather, all women agreed that the course was an excellent opportunity to develop individual skills and to develop a strong and friendly network among the participants.

The one challenge that truly tested teamwork and skill application was the raft building exercise: not only were the women required to build a raft ... but it also had to float. Other exercises included trust exercises such as the tree climb, which not only drew a lot of women out of their comfort zone, but also required absolute trust in the person managing the ropes at the base of the tree. The last and exciting activity was the “Giant Swing” many of the women were excited and thrilled to have the opportunity to participate. Some managed to have two goes at the giant drop. This was a brilliant activity as it promoted encouragement and camaraderie. Strong friendships were formed and much laughter was had.

All women agreed that they learned new skills to help them as leaders not only within CFA but also in their personal lives. Each of the participants highly recommended the weekend to other emerging leaders and, as one participant commented, "It [the camp] allows you to reach deep inside yourself and find your strength and weakness”.  

The purpose of the project was to identify and provide training opportunities for women, and to bring like-minded women together to identify barriers which may prevent female participation in CFA.

Author: Sandie Brown & Lisa Peters