Special reunion for brave Elliot and his firefighter rescuers

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A reunion for three-year old Elliot and firefighters from Upwey Fire Brigade has been deemed a great success, after Elliot needed to be rescued from a precarious situation earlier in the week.


Elliot was waiting to catch a train home from day care with his dad, when he realised his fingers were stuck in the platform seat.

Elliot’s dad Heath said Elliot sat up on the seat when the train was due to arrive and said his fingers were stuck.

“I had a look and discovered he had jammed two of his fingers past the knuckle,” said Heath.

“He was a bit tired after a busy day at day-care, so he started getting a bit distressed.

“I tried to push them in and jiggle a little bit, but being chubby little fingers, they tend to go one way easily and they wouldn’t go back the other way.

“It was quiet on the platform, with not really anyone else around so I just didn’t know what to do.

“I had heard about other kids getting stuck and the fire brigade helping free them, but I thought, does this warrant a triple zero call?

“I know from living in the area how quickly CFA respond, so I called and no sooner had I hung up, we could hear the sirens.”

Thanks to Upwey Fire Brigade, Elliot’s ordeal was over in less than 10 minutes.

“All we needed to do was pry the slats apart a little bit, and his fingers came right out.” said Upwey Fire Brigade captain Cliff Pancutt.

“No matter what the seat is made from, the slats will always flex under the pressure of extra people sitting on the seat.”

“The children are sitting on the seat with their parents, with their fingers going in and out of slats. When their parents stand up, the gap between the slats closes over slightly, trapping their fingers.”

While the crew were working to free his trapped fingers, Heath said Elliot saw their train come past and became upset that they missed the train.

Fortunately the missed train was quickly forgotten when Elliot received a special treat from his dad – a chocolate frog.


  • Member News imageUpwey Fire Brigade Captain Cliff Pancutt is reunited with Elliot and his dad Heath.
  • Member News image Upwey Fire Brigade is reunited with Elliot and his dad Heath.
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