Successful pony rescue a joint effort

CFA firefighters were called to a job with a difference after a pony fell deep into a ravine, on Sunday afternoon.


The ravine, on Vaughan-Drummond Road in Glenluce, was covered by overgrown blackberries which posed difficulties for rescuers made up by locals and friends of the horse owner.

Fryerstown captain Hamish MacCallum said the rescuers had already begun trying to cut their way through the lower parts of the extensive blackberry scrub when CFA firefighters arrived.

“We notified the horse rescue team at Arthurs Creek CFA, and started looking into mechanical assistance in case we were going to need that. SES also helped with lighting as we were losing daylight,” he said.

“But the fellas made good progress and were able to cut a tunnel through the scrub that they could eventually stand in.”

By 3.30pm, the horse owner, which had climbed down to the pony to keep it safe, was able to walk it out. Apart from a few scratches, the pony was unharmed.

CFA were on the scene for about two hours providing planning and logistics support.

Author: CFA Media