Support for flood crisis continues

Member News image CFA's Peter Shaw and Peter Grant


Members from CFA and SES have been deployed to Goulburn Incident Control Centre to support NSW SES as severe rainfall continues to cause widespread flooding across the state.


CFA Board Member and The Basin volunteer Peter Shaw AFSM, District 8 BASO Megan Angel, Kangaroo Ground volunteer Peter Grant and SES Operations Officer Brad Dalgleish will be supporting the South Coast response area for NSW SES.

Coastal areas from Sydney to Merimbula are being impacted with rainfall totals overnight ranging form 150-200mm in some areas. Further heavy falls of 75-150mm in this area are possible today (7 April).

Megan Angel

Pictured: District 8 BASO Megan Angel 

Severe storms and rain are expected in many of the areas already in flood, with warnings in place for river catchments and evacuation orders issued across parts of the state.

Peter Grant

Pictured: Kangaroo Ground volunteer Peter Grant

Members are covering planning, media, rostering and resourcing roles at the ICC during their deployment.


Submitted by CFA News