Technical large animal rescue at Macclesfield

Macclesfield Fire brigade recently benefited from a donation from bulk haulage company Kalari, which will go towards buying equipment to increase the brigade’s ability with technical large animal rescue.

By Eric Bast

This type of rescue has been requested by fire brigades and SES in many areas, including outside Macclesfield brigade’s response area. 

It all started when Second Lieutenant Phil ‘Smiley’ Spencer was commissioned to build a scale model of a Kenworth roadtrain to celebrate the handover to Kalari of their 400th Australian-built Kenworth truck. 

Smiley, who works at Kenworth Trucks in Engineering, was approached to create something special. 

It took about 200 hours and over six months to build the model from several kits, resin aftermarket parts and scratch building. It’s a 1:24 scale Kenworth T909 and measures a metre and a half in length. 

Kalari Managing Director Peter O’Shannessy presented the donation to Smiley (both pictured) who represented Macclesfield Fire Brigade. The presentation was made in front of Kalari management and all Kenworth’s staff and management, the 400th truck and Smiley’s model.

Macclesfield is an area where a majority of its residents own horses. As many of the brigade members are horse owners themselves, they understandably want to help their community the best way they can.  

Author: Duncan Russell