Ted's not so excellent adventure

Ted the Koolie dog is back on solid ground after spending three hours stuck in a wombat hole underneath an old apple cool storage shed.


Members of Macclesfield brigade and Emerald SES with a very grateful Ted

Firefighters from Macclesfield Fire Brigade were recently called to support Emerald SES after reports of a dog trapped under a shed.

The dog had dug into a wombat hole and gotten stuck about a metre underground beneath the shed’s concrete slab.

Crews worked together to come up with a plan after narrowing down the dog’s location, deciding to excavate the floor.

After working their way through the double hard wood floor, insulation and the concrete slab, rescuers found a pair of eyes and a nose in the darkness.

Ted’s whimpering alerted crews to the extent of his entrapment. With more digging, firefighters eventually cleared enough soil to free him.

Although a little sore from his misadventure, Ted had enough energy to wag his tail and thank his rescuers.

Photos courtesy Macclesfield Fire Brigade

Author: CFA News