Top three for Team CFA as blood challenge wraps

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Team CFA has taken out overall third place in this year’s Emergency Services Blood Challenge.


CFA volunteers, staff, friends and family members once again rolled up their sleeves as part of annual Emergency Services Blood Challenge, donating 1,056 times and saving 3,168 lives.

Victoria Police took out this year’s challenge with 1,361 total donations and 4,083 lives saved. NSW Police finished second overall with 1,170 total donations and 3,510 lives saved.

Finishing third overall, Team CFA came second in plasma donations with an impressive 610 total donations. View final tally board*

The challenge is held from 1 June to 31 August each year, pitting teams from emergency services agencies across Australia against each other to see who will donate the most blood products – and save the most lives.

Not only is the challenge vital to ensuring Australia’s blood needs are met, it presents a unique opportunity for a bit of friendly competition with our emergency service colleagues.

Gembrook Fire Brigade 3rd Lieutenant Brian Somers regularly donates blood and was a keen participant in this year’s challenge.

"I donate because I have the universal blood type and I'm told it's always in demand,” Brian said. “I donate whole blood and try and get in as regularly as I can – every three months.”

For CFA Senior Budget Analyst Jeeves Jay, donating blood has been an important part of his life for 14 years.

“I first started donating when I was 21, after my work at the time held a blood drive and the supply was critical.

“That’s when I learnt that something that was so easy for me to part with can be lifesaving to someone else!”

Andrew from Hillcrest Fire Brigade likens donating blood to volunteering for CFA.

“It’s something easy you can do to help out others that makes you feel great,” he said.

While the Challenge is over for another year, the demand for blood and blood products doesn’t go away.

*Final donation tally is expected by mid September. This will capture any donations made in the Challenge's final days.

For more information about blood donation visit the Lifeblood website.



  • Member News imageAshleigh Bowen, 4th Lieutenant at Mooroolbark Fire Brigade, donating blood as part of this year's challenge
  • Member News image Devon Meadows firefighter Carly Damman rolled up her sleeves as part of Team CFA
  • Member News image Andrew from Hillcrest Fire Brigade completed his 50th total blood donation during this year's Challenge
  • Member News image CFA Senior Budget Analyst Jeeves Jay has been donating blood regularly for 14 years
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