Training centre road named after former Ballarat captain

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Road nine at CFA's new Central Highlands VEMTC training facility will be named after a life member who helped Ballarat Fire Brigade purchase their first Road Crash Rescue unit.


Broom Street will honour Graeme Broom, former Ballarat Captain and Road Crash Rescue Instructor and Trainer.

Graeme first joined CFA in 1958 after growing up spending time around the brigade.

“Even before I was allowed to join as a young boy, I was always hanging around at the Ballarat Fire Station,” Graeme said.

“I went on to join the brigade, went through the ranks and became chairman. After some time, I became Captain of the brigade.”

During his time at Ballarat, Graeme was instrumental in helping the brigade purchase their first Road Crash Rescue vehicle.

“Initially when I started at Ballarat, there was no rescue capabilities,” Graeme said. “The brigades would get called to an incident and we’d show up with crowbars and tow trucks.

“There was a need to start a rescue unit, so we all joined together to try and raise money to fund it.

“The local Apex Club also helped with fundraising our first vehicle, and from then our capabilities have just grown even more.”

In 2012, the brigade honoured Graeme’s contribution to their road crash rescue capabilities by naming their rescue unit after him.

Graeme said some of his highlights in CFA include his Captaincy from 1990-2000, receiving an Australian Fire Services Medal (AFSM) in 1998, and receiving his 60-year CFA medal in 2019.

Graeme said he was honoured to have a street at the new facility named after him.

“I am very proud. It’s a very proud thing for both myself and my family.”


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