Transponders ensure safer dispatch for Plenty brigade

Firefighters responding to incidents from the Plenty Fire Station will be able to get on the road quicker following the installation of traffic light transponders at the Memorial Road intersection.


Image: Major Road Projects Victoria

This key safety upgrade will ensure crews won’t be left stuck at the traffic lights at the Memorial Road and Diamond Creek Road intersection when responding to an emergency. Instead they can activate the transponders to manage the traffic lights so CFA vehicles can pass through the intersection safely.

Plenty brigade Captain Adrian Marshman said the transponders will allow brigade members to safely provide their services to the community.

“Receiving the transponders will give the brigade the ability to control the traffic lights meaning we can respond faster to incident and get to them sooner when they need us,” Mr Marshman.

“Now in the midst of summer, the road upgrade and new transponders have arrived at an opportune time.”

To celebrate the completion of the Stage 1 works for the Yan Yean Road, Major Road Projects Victoria hosted a community event with Plenty brigade at Plenty Hall on 14 December.

Brigade members held a presentation for a number of local community members, informing them about the Fire Danger Ratings and the fire risk the community faces this fire season in the local area. 

Author: CFA News & Media