Traralgon fireys role up their sleeves for a good cause

Member News image Traralgon Fire Brigade volunteers Neil Dagar, Mark Reid, Adam Townsend, Jeremy Sword, Eily Dalton, and Shane Gavin


Six Traralgon Fire Brigade members have teamed up to help save lives by taking part in the 2024 Emergency Services Blood Drive.  


Traralgon Fire Brigade volunteer Mark Reid, who donates every two weeks, rolled up his sleeve this week to make his 50th donation. He encouraged other brigade members to join him. Mark’s father went through cancer treatment before he passed away, and donating plasma played a huge role in his treatment. He chooses to donate as a lasting tribute to his dad.  

“You don't have to be a doctor, nurse or paramedic to save lives. You can simply choose to donate and save lives from the comfort of a chair,” Mark said. 

Traralgon Captain Adam Townsend, also a regular donor, said the Emergency Services Blood Drive is a reminder to continue donating to be able to assist someone in need.  

“I encourage everyone to donate. It is an hour of your time, a few months a year. You never know if, or when, you might need it and knowing others are helping is reassuring,” Adam said. 

He finds it comforting knowing there are people in his life who are recipients of blood donations. 

Traralgon brigade volunteer Jeremy Sword has made 20 donations throughout his life and believes that it is another way to help the community outside of his role as a volunteer. 

First Lieutenant Eily Dalton, who reached her 11th donation, has often donated blood every three months and plasma every two weeks.  

There are so many circumstances that lead people to need a blood transfusion. The staff are always exceptionally well trained and welcoming, it takes little time and offers a great snack selection,” Eily said.  

First-time plasma donor, lieutenant Shane Gavin had considered giving blood for a long time and believed that it was the perfect timing coinciding with the start of the 2024 Emergency Services Blood Drive. 

“For me it’s another way to give back to a community that has welcomed me in, as I am originally from Ireland, Shane said. 

Donating provides vital lifesaving blood or plasma to those who might be having a very bad day.” 

With Victoria Police winning the challenge last year, Traralgon brigade believe it’s time to reclaim victory and encourage all emergency services colleagues to donate if they can. 

To book a donation, visit, call 13 14 95 or download the donate blood app. 

To find a donor centre near you visit 


Submitted by Sydney Pollok