Tweethearts reunited by CFA rescuers

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CFA members responded to an unusual rescue during their routine trainining.


Carrum Downs Fire Brigade members were midway through their regular training when they received the unusual call to rescue Pepper the cockatiel who was stuck behind a cupboard.

Springing into action, firefighters expected it to be a case of moving a cupboard and helping the trapped bird. 

However, upon arrival, they found that the bird had flown behind the void of the cupboard and was stuck behind a fixed oven, with the gap being too tiny for the bird to spread its wings.

The owner had tried to lure the bird out with treats and toys to no avail before contacting CFA.

Lieutenant Scott Grimme said, “The rescue became more complicated than we expected as we were unable to reach the back of the oven, so we had to dissemble some of the kitchen cabinets to free the bird.”

As soon as Pepper regained his mobility, the relieved cockatiel flew back to be reunited with his partner, Dash, where he remained most of the night recovering from his ordeal.

Thanks to the kindness of the firefighters, Pepper’s behaviour towards people has changed.

Pepper and Dash’s owner, Oksana said, “I was quite impressed at how four big men were working hard to save one little bird, but this is what makes you believe in people and kindness.

Would you believe, Pepper was not friendly before his little adventure, but thanks to his rescuers, he’s developed a trust with people and now doesn’t mind jumping up on my shoulder for a snuggle.”


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Submitted by Eddie Seah