Unattended oil fire destroys caravan

A resident of a caravan park was lucky to escape injury after an unattended cooking oil fire destroyed their caravan on Friday night (15 February). 


Photos courtesy Wedderburn Fire Brigade

Crews from Wedderburn and Korong Vale were called to the caravan park in Hospital Street, Wedderburn just after 11.15pm on Friday night.

The man was asleep when the fire started and woke to the van in flames.

Quick action from fellow park residents meant the fire was under control when brigades arrived on scene, although the caravan and annex were gutted by the fire.

Inglewood brigade was paged to provide thermal imaging support at 23.42pm.

Firefighters remained onsite until about 1am mopping up and checking the site for any remaining hot spots with the thermal imaging camera.

Cooking in the kitchen is one of the largest causes of fires in the home. A fire in your kitchen can cause extensive damage and injuries.

To prevent kitchen fires residents should:

- Never leave cooking unattended

- Always supervise children in the kitchen and keep them away from the stove top and oven

- Turn pot handles away from the stove edge

- Keep stoves free of grease and fat build-up

- Hang tea-towels away from the stove

- Ensure the exhaust fan above the stove is clean

- Have a fire blanket and extinguisher stored within easy reach but away from the cooking area

- Ensure there is a working smoke alarm

Author: CFA News