Update from John Haynes Executive Director Strategy, Planning & Risk

In an organisation as diverse as CFA, finding the relevant contact is not always straight forward. We have received this feedback through forums with volunteers and staff.


In an effort to make the task of finding people, an expertise and/or vehicle easier, CFA has developed the search tool on the CFA Intranet. Now, through the Contacts tab you can search and filter using the process followed when looking for content.

We have created a landing page on the CFA Intranet that outlines the process in further detail, which also features short tutorial videos to enable you to maximise the capability for your requirements.

  • How to Search: Type what you are looking for into the search bar, such as:
    • a person's namea brigade, group or district name 
    • a role or area of expertise (like procurement, tankers or training) 
    • a vehicle detail (like number plate, vehicle type or aircraft ID) 
    • or any combination of the above (ie: "D08 BASO", "Casey 2.4C", “Collar Tank”, etc)
  • Choosing your view: The contact Search screen has an extra set of buttons that give you different views.  Click on the button that suits what you are looking for.
  • Filtering the results: You can narrow your results to get exactly what you want by selecting a filter on the left-hand side of the page to show just those categories.
  • Getting in touch: Every phone number, email address, mobile number can be tapped or clicked, and a phone call or email will begin to that person or vehicle. You can leave this search page open on your mobile phone browser to search for people whenever you need it.
  • Update your details: Give it a go by searching for yourself. Check your contact details and if they are wrong you can update them immediately on your Members Online profile page. If there is an error with your roles or locations, click on the ‘Update my roles’ link at the bottom of the page to send an email to get them updated.

No matter your status or time with CFA, this function will enable you to locate the contact required through the many capabilities of the filter (ie: name, position, brigade, qualification).

This capability is like looking up a chocolate cake recipe, where you not only access the recipe, but receive the list of ingredients, tells you where to buy them, and even offers to put them in your shopping cart. It stops just short of making you the cake.

We hope this new tool will make it easier to work together for our communities.

Author: CFA News