UPDATED: Planned Burning Operations - Kinglake



CFA in conjunction with Murrindindi Shire Council, Upper Goulburn Landcare Network and local brigades will be conducting a slow burn of vegetation along the Western side of Kings Road for 200 metres from Whittlesea Kinglake Road.

This work will involve the construction of fire control lines and a fuel reduction burn.

When will the  burn take place?

The burn is scheduled to take place on Saturday the 28/10/17 weather permitting.

Road Closures

Kings Rd will be closed to traffic during Planned Burning Operations between Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd and Jouvelet ST  Kinglake West.

Am I in danger?

No. Fire agencies can only conduct burns when the weather conditions are suitable. 

  • The burn will not proceed if weather conditions are unsuitable.
  • This burn has been carefully planned and there will be CFA  fire suppression crews, trucks  and Machinery present.
  • You may see smoke, embers and ash. These are normal by-products of a burn and should present no risk other than to people with respiratory problems.

How will I know that the scheduled burn is about to happen?

The planned burn date will be made available before the burn begins through  Roadside signage and advice will also be provided This messaging will occur at least two days before the burn.

There will also be information on the VicEmergency App and CFA Twitter and Facebook.

Will there be anything happening before the burn? 

Fire Crews and heavy machinery may be in the area preparing fire control lines and access points prior to the burn.

What should I do on the day of the burn? 

  • Do not driving into the burn area. There will be fire trucks, heavy machinery and smoke which together could create dangerous driving conditions.
  • If you have respiratory issues stay indoors. If you have problems breathing contact the 24 hour nurse on-call on 1300 606 024 or if the situatoin is an emergency call 000.
  • Take laundry off the line. 

Should I leave on the day?

There is no need to leave the area unless you believe your health may be impacted by smoke.

You may decide to leave the area if you feel uncomfortable  about the planned burn.

If you decide to leave keep in mind that there will be fire trucks and heavy machinery on local roads. Drivers should be aware of this and take care whilst driving.

Why is the burn happening?

To assist with the reduction fuel loads and also  enhance the biodiversity of the site, assisting with the control of some of the annual grasses present and stimulating germination of native plants.

What are the benfits of the burn? 

The reduction of bark and leaf litter will reduce the intensity and rate of spread of a bush fire.

The Australian bush includes many species which require fire as part of their life cycle.

Many native grasses, wildflowers and shrubs will benefit from this burn.

There will be minimal impact on native animals.

Author: CFA News