We speak your language – a film in Thai language

CFA closely worked alongside a local community group in Springvale, as well as Springvale brigade and station staff, in 2018, to develop a home fire safety film.


The film was collaboratively worked on by CFA and a Thai community group in Springvale.

The film focuses on kitchen fire safety which, as data highlights, is where most house fires start.  It shows in a humorous way, how people can easily get distracted from cooking with disastrous consequences.  

The film has been developed using the Community-Based Participatory approach, which ensures equal participation between CFA and the community. A South-East Asian community group developed the ideas, the themes and co-wrote the script, to ensure the output was culturally meaningful and relevant to them.

As most people in the community group spoke the Thai language, the film was written and performed in Thai. English subtitles have been added to ensure CFA personnel and the English-speaking community are also able to enjoy the film. 

The importance of smoke alarms in homes is highlighted throughout the Thai Fire Safety film.

The community group members act in the film and play the lead roles,which  Su Sullivan, the lead actress and group coordinator, said that “the film was a lot of fun to make with serious messages.  I hope it reminds other Thai people about the importance of working smoke alarms.”

Springvale brigade and station staff provided support throughout the process, and used their superb acting skills to bring the film together. “These projects are a great insight into how different cultures communicate and understand CFA,” said Springvale brigade member Ben Meiers. 

More short-films are in the making as part of the ‘We speak your language’ project, and will be released throughout 2019 and 2020. 

Author: Daisy Cleland