Wear it Purple – Stand up, Stand out!

CFA people are encouraged to show their support on Friday 30 August for Wear it Purple, to celebrate the diversity across the organisation.


Wear it Purple will be on Friday 30 August, 2019.

Wear is Purple’s key focus areas include awareness, opportunity, environment and collaboration, and encouraging young people to be empowered, safe and part of inclusive environments.

They provide resources, meaningful opportunities for skill development, safe spaces (digital and physical) and partnerships with other organisations to further the inclusion of those with diverse gender identity and sexuality.

The organisation was founded in 2010 in response to real heartache around the world, of young people taking their own lives following bullying and harassment. Starting small and now internationally recognised, the message has always remained the same:

Everybody has the right to be proud of who they are.

Considerable improvements have been made in the last few years in the LGBTIQ space at CFA, including celebrating five years of CFA Pride in January this year. 

For more information about Wear it Purple, visit https://www.wearitpurple.org/; and if you'd like to stay up to date, visit CFA Pride on their Facebook page.

CFA Wellbeing Support Line

If you're not OK, or if you notice a change in someone you know, contact the CFA Wellbeing Support Line on 1800 959 232 to access free, confidential support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekWellbeing services are available to all CFA volunteers, employees and their immediate family members. 

The support services include the Member Assistance Program with psychologists and counsellors, traditional and Career Firefighter Peer Support Programs, Chaplaincy Program, Bullying and Harassment Hotline, Let Me Know web-based app, Centres Against Sexual Assault as well as other services provided by the Organisational Wellbeing team. 

To view the complete range of services, visit www.cfa.vic.gov.au/wellbeing.

Author: Daisy Cleland