Tarrawingee brigade benefits from CFA generosity

The unity and spirit that exists between CFA volunteers was recently highlighted by a generous donation by Coldstream Fire Brigade.


Tarrawingee members testing their newly donated quickfill in the Ovens River

Coldstream brigade owned an older model trailer-mounted quickfill pump, a piece of equipment that wasn't in high demand in a rapidly developing outer metropolitan location.

But as the pump was still in good operational condition, Coldstream brigade members decided that if there was a regional brigade that needed this type of equipment and would have trouble sourcing the funds to purchase it, they would donate it to the brigade.

Tarrawingee brigade in District 23 has had a tough year or two, with the unlikely combination of a flash flood in December 2018 and a drought in 2019  financially impacting the local district. 

The dry times and lack of suitable water sources in the district convinced Tarrawingee brigade members that they needed a trailer-mounted quickfill pump that could be quickly set up at the Ovens River. The problem was that the huge strains on the community meant fundraising in the local area was not an option.

The trailer quickfill pump Coldstream donated to Tarrawingee might not be brand new, but it was exactly what Tarrawingee brigade needed - a fully equipped, high volume pump, simple to use and perfect to draw water from the Ovens River.

The generosity of Coldstream brigade is an example to all of us. What a great way to show the community spirit, strength and unity that exists within our ranks.

Author: Craig Hearson