Women's Burn Day supports skill development

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A Women’s Burn and Development Day has helped a cohort of our women firefighters learn valuable skills in a safe and supportive environment.


The Burn Day, held at Woolsthorpe on 19 February, saw 13 women conduct a 10-hectare roadside burn under the guidance of local mentors.

Kirkstall Fire Brigade Captain Hannah Morris was the burn controller on the day and said events such as these provide valuable experience.

“The day was about providing the opportunity for the women to have a go at different things, whether that’s using a drip torch for the first time or getting some more experience on the back of a truck,” Hannah said.

Hannah said the burn day helped to build the confidence of participants.

“Events such as the burn days are a great way to teach hands-on skills to those who attend.

“You can’t teach experience. There’s only so much you can learn from a classroom, so being able to actually have a go and learn these new skills in a hands-on capacity is so valuable.”

Rachael Jessen is a firefighter at Torquay Fire Brigade. After attending several burn days in the past, she wanted to take part in the Woolsthorpe Women’s Burn Day to increase her skillset.

“I wanted to attend the burn day to gain some more skills and techniques, and just to work as a team as well,” Rachael said.

“I’ve been to a few female burn days, and you always learn something new, you get a lot out of it. You can brush up on your skills and learn and it’s so good to put your training into practice in real life with real fire. It’s a great skill development day.”

Rachael said the best part of the day was the sense of achievement.

“Looking back at the end of the day and seeing all you’d done as a team, that’s just the best feeling. It was a great chance to meet new people, work together and achieve something important.”


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