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A presentation at the Bairnsdale District Mechanical Officer (DMO) Workshop has helped women firefighters better understand the work of our DMOs and the equipment and appliances they work with on the fireground.


Nine members from districts 10 and 11 attended the presentation, hearing from Bairnsdale DMO Steve O’Shea about what CFA’s mechanics do and learning about the inner workings of CFA appliances and specialist vehicles.

Regional Brigade Administrative Support Officer and District 11 Women’s Network Group member Kylie Findley assisted in the organisation of the workshop.

“The District 11 Women’s Network Group thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to go and have a look at the workshop and learn more about what the mechanics do,” Kylie said.  

“Participants were able to see a range of things in a different light. They had the alpine snowmobiles, a dexterity board with all of the different hose fittings, a truck up on hoists so they could see the underneath and a truck with the wheels off so the group could learn about the tyres and brakes.”

“Being able to better understand the equipment and its inner workings means a better ability to troubleshoot on the fireground.”

Kylie said it was wonderful to see the group engaged with the presentation.

“Our goal was to provide an environment where our attendees could ask questions,” Kylie said.

“When you’re in a room together you can support and bounce off each other as well as compare stories.

“I think the engagement was the best part; they were so engaged with what Steve was saying and his presentation was excellent.”

Mossi-Tambo Fire Brigade 1st Lieutenant Kathryn Williams attended the session and said it was incredibly valuable with lots of opportunity to ask questions.

“I took part in the session so I could learn more about the different aspects of the CFA,” Kathryn said. 

“CFA’s mechanics are a critical function that I was keen to hear more about - I haven't previously had the opportunity to talk to any of our DMOs outside of on-the-job issues.

“My favourite part of the presentation was the ability and the freedom to ask anything. 

“I also loved the ability to see things from the DMO's perspective.

“The DMOs make sure that every single one of our vehicles is in the best shape it can be in. 

“And if it isn't, then they feel the burden of that.  They know every one of our vehicles inside and out.  I loved seeing trucks that were mid service and exactly what lengths the mechanics go to get them in tip top shape.”


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