130 Years for Kangaroo Ground Fire Brigade

Member News image Kangaroo Ground Fire Brigade - 1968


In February 1892, Kangaroo Ground landholders pledged to ‘do their level best’ to protect their community and to respond to fires in their local area.


Little did they know this pledge would continue to be honoured by brigade members 130 years later.

Current Kangaroo Ground Captain Duncan Bucknell said community focus is a golden thread which still runs through the brigade to this day, despite many other changes over the years. 

“We have a great mix of operational and non-operational members who all stay connected with the brigade and the community," Duncan said.

“These connections go well beyond firefighting."

Duncan said the brigade was only as strong as its members, making special mention of some of the longer serving members and former captains who are still operational and active members, after decades of service, to pass on knowledge and the culture of the brigade to newer members.

“Recruitment for us is interesting because there are fewer than 400 properties in Kangaroo Ground. We’re very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of people who want to contribute.  

“We are in a great position at the moment, with quite a number of newer members having joined over the past two to three years who stuck with us even through the difficulties of the pandemic.

“It’s essential to keep our more experienced members engaged, to assist with passing on knowledge and skills to our newer members and provide plenty of opportunities for all members to develop and contribute at a pace that suits them.” he said. 

For the 125th anniversary five years ago, the brigade created a logo featuring the original horse-drawn furphy water cart – the brigade’s first fire truck.  A replica of the cart is located in the brigade’s museum at the station. 

It’s a nod to the past and in some ways a promise for the future – that the community can count on Kangaroo Ground Fire Brigade to keep doing their ‘level best’ for the community.

As part of anniversary celebrations the brigade recreated a photo from 1968.

They also plan on holding a number of small events during the year, including their Awards Presentation Night in May.


  • Member News imageRe-creation of 1968 Brigade Photo - 2022
  • Member News image 100th Brigade Anniversary - 1992
  • Member News image Kangaroo Ground Bushfire - 1926
  • Member News image Furphy Water Cart
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