RACV and CFA improve safety with new smoke alarm program

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RACV and CFA have announced a Smoke Alarm Installation program for rural and regional Victoria, providing 500 at-risk residents, such as elderly Victorians, with free smoke alarms.


The program also aims to increase the understanding and awareness of home fire hazards and reduce the number of preventable fire fatalities.

Smoke alarms play a critical role in early fire detection and evacuation, yet statistics indicate many homes either do not have enough smoke alarms or have them installed in the wrong areas.

According to CFA, several fatal house fires start in bedrooms and sleeping areas, underlining the importance of comprehensive smoke alarm coverage within homes.

CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said it’s vital everyone has a working smoke alarm in their homes to prevent house fire fatalities.

“We’ve seen the devastating results of house fires where there wasn’t a working smoke alarm, so this is an important program to ensure we’re helping our communities, especially those more vulnerable such as elderly Victorians,” Mr Heffernan said.

To further enhance accessibility, CFA resources are available in multiple languages. Support programs will be available for those in need, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to safety.

RACV Head of Policy James Williams said the Smoke Alarm Installation program aims to educate Victorians on what they can do to prevent fire risks.

“Through our work with CFA, we aim to address the gaps we know exist in smoke alarm coverage throughout Victorian homes,” said Mr Williams.

"We believe that every Victorian deserves to feel safe and secure in their own home.”

According to a recent RACV poll, 58 per cent of Victorian respondents test their smoke alarms monthly and replace them yearly, while just 24 per cent have upgraded to an interconnected smoke alarm system and 18 per cent don’t understand how their smoke alarms work.

“If you’re unsure how your smoke alarm works, or unable to install or change an alarm yourself, seeking a qualified professional to do the job is the best thing you can do,” Mr Williams said.

Warning signs of fault and age with your smoke alarm include:

  • The smoke alarm unit turning a yellow colour.
  • A continuous ‘chirp’ sound.
  • Your smoke alarm activating for no reason.

CFA recommends all smoke alarms in the home be powered by a 10-year lithium battery, be interconnected and installed in every bedroom, living area and hallway on your property.

For more information on the Smoke Alarm Installation Program, visit the CFA website.


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