Big weekend for rescue teams

At 4pm on Sunday 13 October, the Upper North East technical rescue team performed a rescue operation near the gorge in Beechworth. CFA also took part in seven other technical rescues across the state last weekend.


The rescue took place about 4pm on Sunday 13 October.

A 42-year-old woman, Penelope Flower, slipped and fell around five metres while walking at the Gorge sustaining injuries including a broken leg. She was located on slippery rocks in a spot very difficult for Ambulance Victoria (AV) crews to reach.

The Upper North East technical team comprises Wangaratta/Wodonga CFA rescue and Bright VICSES, although the rescue was a combined response with Victoria Police and AV.

Penelope was rescued using a steep angle rescue system, before being airlifted by the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) to hospital.

The rescue took over three hours, with all four agencies collaborating to bring Penelope to safety.

Penelope is in stable condition following the rescue, and was discharged from hospital the following day.

In addition to the Beechworth rescue, technical rescue teams from around the state performed seven other large rescue operations last weekend. 

On Saturday 12 October, Wangaratta/Wodonga Technical Rescue were called to a confined space rescue of a man trapped inside a tank. The man was cut free from the tank.

Dandenong Technical Rescue with Plenty and Monbulk CFA and Nillimbuk VICSES steep angle crews were called out to a woman who was injured at the base of an embankment in Warrandyte. 

The same team were also dispatched to a boy who was knocked out on a bike jump in Eltham North.

Bendigo Technical Rescue and Bendigo Ladder Platform were called to a boy stuck in a tree over a creek in Morong on Saturday. 

On Sunday, Dandenong and Morwell/Traralgon Technical rescue with Mirboo North CFA steep angle crew were dispatched to a car rolled down a cliff in Seaview. 

This team, along with Traralgon Ladder Platform, was also called to a girl stuck in a tree at Newborough.

Photos: Marcus Warner (Bright VICSES) and Danielle Schirmer

Author: Daisy Cleland