A-positive experience for Mount Eliza members

Members from the Mount Eliza Fire Brigade have teamed up to make important blood donations together for the Emergency Services Blood Challenge.


Mount Eliza Firefighter Darren Dalgleish

Firefighter Maddie Coleman organised for members to donate together across Monday 27, Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 July.

Twelve members were able to donate.  For Firefighter Norm Coleman, it was his 137th donation but for many other members of the brigade this was their first.

“It was my first time donating blood but it definitely won't be the only time,” Mount Eliza Firefighter Bethany Dee-Scullion said. “I had been putting off booking the appointment for a very long time due to being afraid of needles. 

"When the brigade said they were doing it as a group I felt more comfortable to put my arm out.

“During the donation the fear of needles didn't cross my mind once,” Bethany added. “I was purely distracted by thinking about the lives the donation would save. 

"I believe that it's the simplest and most generous thing I have ever done and can't wait until I can donate again.”

Mount Eliza Firefighter Bethany Dee-Scullion

Firefighter Maddie Coleman said it’s important for everyone to support the work of the Red Cross.

“The donations that we make go towards saving people’s lives, either directly or with medical research and training the next generation of health professionals.

“As a fire brigade, we attend motor vehicle accidents and about two per cent of all blood and plasma donations are used on patients that have been in accidents. If I’m saving lives volunteering with CFA why wouldn’t I save lives donating blood?”

Firefighter Maddie Coleman

Firefighter Jaymie Moynihan said that giving blood is probably the most important thing she does.

“It’s a way to help and save the lives of people who need it most, and it is so easy!

“I find it important because I can't imagine being in a position of needing blood, and knowing that people that have enough to spare weren't helping because they didn't think they had the time.”

Firefighter Jaymie Moynihan

CFA is in a close second place with Victoria Police leading by only a few donations.  

So far 9356 donations have been made nationwide. This is enough blood to help save more than 28,000 lives.

The challenge ends on 31 August. Does CFA have what it takes to win?

To find out more information about donating head to the Red Cross website, you can also view the Emergency Services Blood Challenge results tally here.

It's important that every donor makes their donation count…

1.       Ring 13 14 95 or go online to make a blood donation appointment for between 1 June - 31 August. 

2.       Join Lifeblood Team: Country Fire Authority here, or in the donor centre, to ensure your donation is added to the universities tally.

Author: Holly Penketh