A-positive start to the Blood Challenge

Member News image Gembrook CFA's 3rd Lieutenant Brian Somers regularly donates blood


Three weeks into the Emergency Services Blood Challenge and CFA members have already saved over 800 lives.


Coming in third place just behind Victoria Police and NSW Police Force, CFA volunteers, staff, friends and family members have rolled up their sleeves 274 times for the cause.

The Challenge, coordinated by Red Cross Lifeblood, is held each year between 1 June and 31 August and encourages emergency service personnel to donate much-needed blood product.

Each blood donation made quoting the CFA Lifeblood team counts towards CFA’s overall tally until the challenge ends. Anyone is eligible to donate under CFA’s team name, and members of Team CFA can donate whole blood, plasma or platelets, with each of the three blood products counting toward our overall tally.

Gembrook Fire Brigade 3rd Lieutenant Brian Somers regularly donates blood and is a keen participant in this year’s challenge. With his O- blood in high demand, Brian donates as often as he can.

“I donate because I have the universal blood type and I'm told it's always in demand,” Brian said. “I donate whole blood and try and get in as regularly as I can – every three months.”

Brian said he was first inspired to donate blood because of his mother.

“When I was a teenager, around 16 or 17, my mum encouraged me to donate. She donated blood and helped me to understand how important it was.”

Brian said he loves the competitive aspect of the challenge.

“I like taking part in the challenge because it’s a bit of friendly competition between our emergency service colleagues. I’m very competitive, I always have been, so it’s great that we can do this for such a good cause.”

“I would encourage all of my CFA colleagues to take part in the challenge.”

You can check the Emergency Services Blood Challenge results tally on the Lifeblood website, or find out more about the challenge here.

It's important that every donor makes their donation count.

1. Ring 13 14 95 or go online to make a blood donation appointment for between 1 June – 31 August.

2. Join Lifeblood Team: Country Fire Authority here, or in the donor centre, to ensure your donation is added to our tally.



Submitted by CFA News