Ambulance to be stationed at Hillcrest Fire Brigade

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Ambulance Victoria has started a six-month trial that will see an ambulance and two paramedics located at the fire station to boost response times in the area.

A new vehicle is currently based out of the Hillcrest fire station however it won’t be turning out to fight fires in the area.

Hillcrest Fire Brigade captain Colin Dickson said the co-located station is a fantastic example of CFA working with other agencies to provide the best opportunities for the community.

“The response from the brigade has been overwhelmingly supportive,” said Captain Dickson.

“The idea was unanimously agreed to at our brigade meeting when the proposal was put to them.”

Captain Dickson said the brigade’s ability to respond to community emergencies and fires would not be impacted.

“We have moved a vehicle to our satellite station in Don Valley to provide a space for the ambulance, however that Field Command Vehicle is primarily used for crew transport.”

Ambulance Victoria’s Yarra Ranges Senior Team Manager Shaun Caulfield said AV has a long and proud history working side-by-side with the CFA.

“This trial is part of our flex and surge model, enabling timely care and assistance to the community,” said Mr Caulfield.

Hillcrest CFA volunteer Fiona Burns has been the brigade’s AV Liaison Officer and said the brigade has been very welcoming of the paramedics who are now working out of a small meeting room in the station.

CFA and Ambulance Victoria work closely at many incidents,” said Fiona.

“Our volunteers already know some members of Yarra Junction AV as they’ve previously attended incidents together.”

The co-located arrangement will continue for six months and will be reviewed later in the year.


Ambulance in station with truck


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