Awards for Heywood brigade members

Heywood brigade had its annual dinner at the local bowling club, where there were presentations of Life Member Medals.

By Tania Gray

Adrian Jones has served with Heywood brigade since he transferred from Speed in northern Victoria. He has held postitions of firefighter, 1st Lt, 2nd Lt, 3rd Lt, 4th Lt and FEM Officer.

Darren Hoggan has served Heywood brigade as a firefighter, 4th Lt and then 10 years as captain. Darren then moved up to the Heywood Group where he served as 3rd Deputy Group Officer, 1st Deputy Group Officer and is currently Heywood Group Officer.

Ricky Hoggan has served Heywood brigade as a firefighter and 4th Lt.

The following awards were also presented:

25 years to Mark Saunders

20 years to Anthony Gray, Tania Gray, Marilyn Holland, Alan Jones and Patrick Jones

15 years to Andrew Beavis

10 years to David Bristar

Author: Duncan Russell