Blood challenge continues

Member News image CFA member Jeeves Jay just completed his 42nd blood donation


CFA has had a great start to the Emergency Services Blood Challenge, with our members already completing over 400 donations.


Almost halfway into the challenge, our volunteers, staff, friends and family have saved over 1000 lives.

At present, Team CFA have rolled up their sleeves and completed 138 whole blood, 264 plasma and 10 platelet donations, enough to save 1,236 lives.

CFA Senior Budget Analyst Jeeves Jay is one of the members taking part in the challenge.

Having just completed his 42nd blood donation, Jeeves said donating blood has been an important part of his life for 14 years.

“I first started donating when I was 21, after my work at the time held a blood drive and the supply was critical.

“That’s when I learnt that something that was so easy for me to part with can be lifesaving to someone else!”

Jeeves said he would encourage others to take part and reiterates that an hour of your time can save three lives.

“It’s so easy to give blood, and something that everyone should do if they’re eligible. It’s such a simple process and such a good cause.”

You can check the Emergency Services Blood Challenge results tally on the Lifeblood website, or find out more about the challenge here.

It's important that every donor makes their donation count.

1. Ring 13 14 95 or go online to make a blood donation appointment for between 1 June – 31 August.

2. Join Lifeblood Team: Country Fire Authority here, or in the donor centre, to ensure your donation is added to our tally.


Submitted by CFA News