Board communique October 2019

The Board held its regular monthly meeting, and its thirteenth meeting of the year, on 22 October 2019 at CFA Headquarters.


The Chair of Board Mr Greg Smith AM began by welcoming the eight members of the Board to their first meeting together. The Board noted that appointment of the ninth member of the Board was expected to occur in the near future.

The Chair of the Board noted that the Board Committee structures, which form an important part of CFA governance, would be revised following the appointment of the final Board member.

Fire Services Reference Group

The Board Chair updated the Board on issues arising from the Fire Services Reference Group.  The Board noted the establishment and operation of a range of governance structures for fire services reform and agreed to work collaboratively on matters affecting the future of CFA within the formal FSR structures.

CEO/Chief Officer report    

The Chief Executive Officer/Chief Officer spoke to his report to the Board, highlighting a number of achievements against the CFA goals, including:

  • work with local government on strategic land use planning;
  • work with the Department of Justice and Community Safety on the Summer Bushfire Campaign;
  • the development of a CFA State Logistics Centre Capability Statement;
  • actions underway to better manage workplace complaints at CFA; and
  • the opening of the nominations process for the 2020 Spirit of CFA Awards.

Chief Financial Officer report

The Chief Financial Officer spoke to his report and the Board noted CFA’s financial performance for period ended 30 September 2019.

The Board approved a new Treasury and Investment Management Policy and its Business Rule, which were revised due to the implementation of the Central Banking System, a new requirement under the Standing Directions of the Minister for Finance.

Preparations for fire season    

The CEO/Chief Officer provided an update to the Board on actions underway to ensure that CFA is fully prepared for the forthcoming fire season. The Board noted the information and will receive regular updates over the course of the fire season.

Impacts of climate change    

Dr Sarah Harris, Manager Research and Development, attended the Board meeting, and updated the Board on CFA’s extensive program of research into the impacts of climate change. The Board congratulated Dr Harris on the work to date on this important issue and agreed that CFA should undertake a comprehensive risk assessment on Climate Change impact and based on this assessment develop a Climate Change policy.

Child safety at CFA

The A/Executive Director People, Culture and Safety and the A/Manager Child Safety spoke to CFA’s Child Safe Standards Quarterly Report which CFA had recently submitted to the Commissioner for Children and Young People. The Board noted the comprehensive set of actions underway.


The Board considered various delegations, and agreed to:

  • delegate the power to cancel the enrolment of any officer or member of any brigade under s23(1)(d) of the CFA Act to Deputy Chief Officers and Assistant Chief Officers; and
  • delegate the power to waive or vary probation periods under r38 of the CFA Regulations to the Chief Officer, Deputy Chief Officers, Assistant Chief Officers and Operations Managers.

The Board also approved some revised financial delegations and clarified its delegation to the Chief Officer in relation to the declaration and broadcast of Total Fire Bans.

CFA & Brigades Donations Fund

The Board approved the appointment of Ms Sally Pickering as Trustee to the CFA & Brigades Donations Fund for a term of two years as provided for by the Trust Deed.

Noted by the Board

The Board noted:

  • existing and potential implications for CFA service delivery in relation to combustible waste;
  • the final version of the CFA Training Strategic Plan 2019-24; and
  • the CFA VFBV Firefighter Competition and Championships Action Plan 2020 - 2025

The Board concluded its meeting by participating in a risk workshop facilitated by the Victorian Managed Insurance Agency (VMIA).

Author: News & Media