Burnbank Brigade Celebrates 80 Years

Member News image Burnbank original tanker recovered in January 2024


Burnbank Fire Brigade has marked its 80 year anniversary with an event to celebrate its history and contribution to the local community.


Chief Officer Jason Heffernan and Deputy Chief Officer Brett Boatman joined Burnbank Captain Michael Boord on Saturday afternoon to reflect on the Brigade's years of service over the last eight decades.  
Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said he was honoured to witness the incredible milestone event. 

"I couldn't be prouder of the hard work and dedication of our Burnbank volunteers and I have no doubt CFA will continue to have a strong community presence in Burnbank for the next 80 years."  
The Burnbank Fire Brigade was formed on the 26th of January in 1944 by a group of farmers and residents from the Evansford and Burnbank districts. It was registered as part of CFA’s formation in 1944 and is currently aligned with the Pyrenees Group of fire brigades. 
Captain Michael Boord has been with the brigade in various roles for the last 18 years. Over that time he has collected various photos and documented its history as best he could. About a month out from the brigade's 80th anniversary someone got in touch to let him know the owner of the original Burnbank tanker was looking to sell.  
"I couldn't believe it. It just fell into my hands about a month before the anniversary. It was quite bizarre!" said Captain Michael Boord.  

"It was in Raglan about half an hour south of us. I went and had a look at it and it wasn't in bad shape. It's a 1949 Austin.  

"We all decided to pass the hat around. We made an offer and we were able to get it for $900. It was a great find." 

The original truck was in service until 1988 and is currently parked out the front of the station. The Brigade is hoping to add a canopy to protect it from the weather and use the truck for a display.  

Michael also managed to get his hands on the original minutes from when the brigade was incepted right up until today's date. A photo of the original minutes was printed and framed for the community to see at Saturday's event.  

The Burnbank Fire Brigade was part of the first responders to the 2019 Lexton fire and played a vital role in stopping the fire in its tracks. Many of the brigades long serving members remember it as one of the fiercest fires they have ever witnessed.


  • Member News imageBurnbank Brigade Award Recipients with CO Jason Heffernan
  • Member News image CO Jason Heffernan and Captain Michael Boord
  • Member News image CO Jason Heffernan with Brigade member Beth Day
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  • Member News image CO Jason Heffernan with 3RD LT. Robert Muller
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