Cat rescued and reunited with family

CFA crews called to reports of a cat stuck in a tree on Queens Road in Pearcedale at 7.25am on 25 August.


One Pearcedale CFA unit attended the scene.

Pearcedale Captain Geoffrey Carter said the cat was around seven metres above the ground when crews arrived.

"There were a few large dogs on the property below where the cat was located so we believe it was spooked up the tree," Cpt Carter said.

"We had a firefighter set up the ladder and climb up the tree and there wasn't much work to be done from there. The cat was pretty happy to be rescued because it just walked straight to us."

The cat was brought to safety and the incident was stopped at 7.53am.

Cpt Carter said firefighters and property owner weren't aware of who the cat's owners were at the time of the rescue.

"It was only when I came home from the incident that I was made aware of a post on a local Facebook page asking if anyone had seen a 'beloved grey cat' that we were able to identify who the owners were," he said.

"We went and dropped it off safely and they were happy to have it returned, which is a great result."

Author: CFA News & Media