Celebrating our volunteers this National Volunteer Week 

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This week is National Volunteer Week, an annual week-long celebration of volunteering that highlights the important role of volunteers in our community.


Message from CEO Natalie MacDonald and Acting Chief Officer Garry Cook AFSM

CFA volunteers are the heart of their communities - the ones who rush in when others are rushing out, risking their lives to protect homes, lives and the land. From seasoned veterans with decades of service to newer members eager to make a difference, each of our volunteers brings a unique skill set and a boundless passion for serving others. 

The true strength of our many thousands of volunteers lies not just in their actions during emergencies but in the sense of unity and camaraderie they foster. Beyond extinguishing fires and assisting with many different types of emergency events, our volunteers are educators and mentors, promoting a culture of community safety, resilience and community spirit wherever they go. 

National Volunteer Week provides an important opportunity to shine a light on this invaluable contribution and to say thank you for the unwavering commitment our members have for protecting their communities. We also thank members’ families and employers who support volunteers to perform their important work. 

It also allows us to reflect on the broader impacts our volunteers have beyond the lives and properties saved including the inspiration they give to others. 

As we celebrate the week, we are filled with immense pride for the remarkable individuals who make up our volunteer membership, and we will be sharing stories on our CFA channels and in the media to showcase the diverse, unique and inspirational contributions our members make. 

National Volunteer Week is also a time to encourage people to consider volunteering. This year’s theme is Something for Everyone, and there are indeed many ways people can volunteer with CFA and make a real difference in their communities. 

Our recruitment campaign, Give us a Hand, continues to support the sustainability of our brigades, highlighting the diverse range of roles for CFA volunteers and encouraging people to join to be part of something special. This campaign will be running again over the next two months to support those brigades who are looking to recruit new members. You can view resources here

During this National Volunteer Week take the opportunity to reflect on your role as a CFA volunteer, your dedication and commitment to your brigade, your training, and your service in keeping your communities and the state safe.  

On behalf of the broader CFA community, we extend our deepest admiration and appreciation for the incredible work you do each and every day.  

Remember to keep an eye on our social media channels and website as we showcase different CFA volunteer stories throughout this week. 

CEO Natalie MacDonald and Acting Chief Officer Garry Cook AFSM


Submitted by CEO Natalie MacDonald and Acting Chief Officer Garry Cook AFSM