CFA crews reunite mother duck with her ducklings

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An anxious mother duck was reunited with her ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain.


CFA crews from Narre Warren Fire Brigade responded a call on Saturday night at 6.52pm to rescue some ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain behind Amberley Park shopping centre. 

With little information on where the ducks had fallen, crews spent around 10 minutes searching for the correct drain. 

Fortunately, mama duck was on hand to help as she anxiously circled the right drain as she watched the firefighters remove the debris from the drain covering before lifting the drain cover.

Narre Warren 5th Lieutenant Aaron Chitaranjan said when they managed to gain access to the drain, they found 12 ducklings huddled together. 

“One by one, we picked them up and put them in a box with the mother duck watching from a distance,” he said.

All 12 ducklings were successfully rescued and reunited with their relieved mother, where they waddled off into the sunset!


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Submitted by Eddie Seah