CFA crews save two cars in fire that shuts highway

CFA crews were able to save two cars in fire that started when one of eight cars being transported on a semi-trailer had caught fire on the Goulburn Valley Highway. 


CFA was called to a fire just south of the intersection between the Goulburn Valley Highway and Burkes Road at Wahring at 4.22pm after one of eight cars being transported on a semi-trailer had caught fire and spread to other cars.

District 22 Commander Rohan Taylor said the driver of the semi-trailer had been able to unhook the prime mover and move it away from the burning cars.

He said six of the eight cars had been completely destroyed, but praised CFA crews for saving two of the cars, a Mercedes Benz and a Holden.

"To be honest, they've done a great job because with these fires, we'd usually see the whole lot go up," he said.

Commander Taylor also praised police officers for being able to clear the back log when the highway was closed while the fire was brought under control.

CFA crews from Shepparton, Kialla, Murchison, Arcadia, Bailieston, Wahring and Moorilim responded to the fire.

"It was a great job by all involved," Commander Taylor said.

The southbound lane of the highway, where the incident occurred, was closed for some time. There were no injuries.

A fire investigation showed that the fire was caused by a mechanical fault with the trailer.

Author: CFA Media