CFA invests locally to deliver new workwear

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CFA is pleased to announce it has locked in four Victorian suppliers to deliver more than 30,000 sets of the new CFA workwear ensemble to its volunteer members across Victoria.


A total of $9 million is being invested to provide workwear for tens of thousands of volunteers across the state, including an initial $3m State Government investment and an additional $6 million from the Capability Funding Package stemming from Fire Services Reform.

This funding will facilitate the production of more than 30,000 workwear sets for CFA volunteers across the state – a significant increase on the initial allocation to fund 9000 sets.

Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) has begun manufacturing the new CFA workwear garments including shirts, trousers, shorts and jackets; all of which will feature a distinctive dark blue colour, ‘Patriot Blue’ and the CFA emblem.

CFA has also entered contracts with Goulburn Valley E&M to supply belts and buckles, Stewart & Heaton to produce caps and wide-brim hats, and Harcor Security Seals to supply epaulettes and patches.

CFA Acting Chief Officer Garry Cook joined Emergency Services Minister Jaclyn Symes in Bendigo to announce the contracts on Thursday morning.

A/CO Cook said CFA is proud to not only deliver brand new, world-class workwear to its dedicated volunteers, but to also make a significant investment to support domestic suppliers.

“We’re proud to be working with local suppliers like ADA, which is sourcing a significant amount of fabric domestically and using Australian manufacturers,” he said.

“The new workwear is designed to be unique within the emergency services sector and will bolster the strong and recognisable identity CFA has within communities.

“The workwear is tailored for both men and women, so our volunteers can feel comfortable wearing it while representing CFA.”

While the workwear does not replace CFA’s iconic yellow firefighting gear, Victorian communities will soon become familiar with the new workwear when members wear it while participating in brigade activities, fundraising, community engagement events and working within incident management teams.

ADA CEO Chris Dixon said the CFA contract was one of ADA’s major locally sourced and produced contracts, with more than 90,000 garments in production, and would assist in securing 15 local jobs.

“Our longstanding partnership with the CFA is something that we are incredibly proud of at ADA and we’re excited to see that relationship expand and evolve,” he said.

“I commend CFA on their continued focus on local jobs and their long-term investment into sovereign capability.”

A large-scale, staggered rollout of the new workwear to brigades across the state is expected to commence early next year and will be completed by the end of 2022.


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