Magpie in a flap is rescued by CFA members

CFA crews responded on 5 July to a stressed and struggling Magpie caught in guttering on top of a roof.  


Credit: Nicky Rushworth Wildlife Rescue Volunteer

A resident in Keith St, Edithvale alerted Wildlife Victoria who coordinated the rescue between AWARE Wildlife Rescue and CFA to safely rescue the bird. 

Wildlife Rescue volunteers had limited equipment and its ladder wasn't nearly big enough to tackle this rescue. The roof of the double-storey house was about seven metres high. 

Emergency Response Operator Oscar from Wildlife Victoria contacted Edithvale Fire Brigade who were quick to respond. 

Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Nicky Rushworth said CFA members were already on scene as she arrived.

“A heartfelt thank you to the fabulous Edithvale brigade for their amazing assistance.

“Without their assistance this bird would have perished over a long period of time. 

“Andy was awesome and listened patiently to instructions about how to handle and contain the bird. 

“He brought the bird down to me in a pillow case that I had provided to him and I am thrilled to report that despite being severely stressed and dehydrated from its long ordeal there were no injuries.” 

The Rescue volunteers immediately took the bird t an expert Wildlife rehabilitator who runs Warrawee Wildlife Shelter in Langwarrin for observation.

"Over the years CFA has so often assisted with difficult wildlife rescues - from seagulls trapped in netting on rooftops to magpies trapped in roof gutters, to possums and other wildlife trapped in drains and many other difficult situations," Nicky added.

"I am so grateful for the help of the emergency services. I couldn’t have done this rescue and many others without them."

The bird has now been released safely back to his anxious parents who were happy to see him. 

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Author: CFA News