CFA sends over 300 personnel to NSW bushfires

CFA has answered the call for more firefighting resources to be deployed to assist with the ongoing New South Wales bushfire emergency, sending more than 300 CFA members interstate.


Courtesy: TEW Photography

Following a request for more personnel by the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), CFA has sent 311 personnel from across Victoria to be positioned at the Hunter Region and Goulburn ahead of the predicted extreme or catastrophic fire weather conditions forecast for tomorrow, 12 November.

The large-scale deployment consisted of 286 firefighters, 18 supporting resources, as well as six additional task force members and one CFA Liaison Officer to be stationed at RFS Headquarters.

The 11 strike teams from across the state were grouped into two task forces and were deployed around 4pm yesterday and aim to be positioned by 7pm tonight.

State Duty Officer John Katakouzinos said in the midst of the ongoing tragic bushfire emergency in NSW, it’s important for interstate firefighting crews to lend a hand to help minimise the damage.

“We’d like to thank not only the firefighters who give up their time to protect lives and properties in NSW, but also the families, loved ones and businesses that allow our members to assist with this emergency,” Mr Katakouzinos said.

“It’s important to recognise all our support members working to transport CFA vehicles to the bushfire areas and the resources working to assist crews to safely work on the fire grounds.

“It’s important we continue to work as one to take on the tragic bushfires currently gripping NSW.”

CFA has also despatched a fleet of 76 vehicles, including 55 tankers and 21 operational support vehicles.

Two additional CFA strike teams departed from Melbourne Airport at 10am this morning to provide further assistance at the Glen Innes area as part of the CFA’s ongoing support.

CFA has not deployed crews from District 18 to ensure there are sufficient resources in place for the Total Fire Ban in the Mallee Region today.

CFA Task Force 1 to be positioned at Hunter Region

  • Strike Team District 22/12
  • Strike Team District 23/24
  • Strike Team District 13
  • Strike Team District 20
  • Strike Team District 02
  • Strike Team District 14

CFA Task Force 2 to be positioned at Goulburn

  • Strike Team District 6/7
  • Strike Team District 8
  • Strike Team District 15/16
  • Strike Team District 9/27
  • Strike Team District 10/11

Author: CFA News & Media