CFA fireys set stuck horse free

CFA firefighters were called to rescue a horse stuck in a creek in Wonga Park on Thursday, 10 December.


Photo: Cpt Aaron Farr

Crews from Wonga Park, Macclesfield, Arthurs Creek and Chirnside Park attended the incident.

A local vet also attended the scene.

Wonga Park Captain and incident controller Aaron Farr said the horse’s legs were submerged in the creek and couldn’t free itself.

 “All of our members followed the direction of the vet diligently,” he said.

“We ended up digging out the horses legs and assisted the vet in carefully lifting the it out from the creek and placing it on stable ground.

“Rescue crews from Macclesfield and Arthurs Creek used equipment such as straps, ropes and a mat to safely lift the horse out.”

Photo: Cpt Aaron Farr

The horse was successfully and safely rescued and returned to its owners.

“Everyone on scene worked really well together and it was a great result in the end,” Cpt Farr said.

CFA crews finished up at the scene at 10.09am.

Photo: Cpt Aaron Farr

Author: CFA Media