Chocolyn brigade buys a debrillator for the station

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Ambulance Victoria’s ‘Call, Push, Shock’ campaign is being proudly supported by the volunteers of Chocolyn Fire Brigade.


Brigade members have signed up to be GoodSAM responders. The GoodSAM app alerts responders when someone nearby is having a cardiac arrest, and the responder administers help while paramedics are on the way.

Every minute a patient doesn’t get CPR or help from a defibrillator. their chance of survival falls by 10 per cent. When bystanders or GoodSAM responders take action, the survival rates double.

Chocolyn Fire Brigade has an important role in the local community. When members decided to buy a defibrillator, it was made possible by generous donations from Chocolyn residents and landholders.

While the brigade hopes it never needs to use this life-saving equipment, it will strengthen the links it has with the Chocolyn community.

The defibrillator was mounted on the exterior wall of the fire station recently and is available 24/7.


Submitted by Leigh Harry, Chocolyn Fire Brigade