Crews on scene at Avenel crash

Country Fire Authority (CFA) firefighters were called to a road accident involving a truck trailer and a car on Avenel-Nagambie Road at 3.27pm today, 7 November.


Crews from Avenel and Nagambie attended the scene near Avenel to find a truck trailer on top of the car with two people trapped inside.

District 22 Commander Peter Bell said SES crews were able to free the first occupant at 4.13pm while CFA crews provided fire cover assistance.

“A trailer has collided with a car and a digger, which was being transported on the trailer, has fallen on top of the car during the impact,” Mr Bell said.

“Crews on scene were able to get the digger off the vehicle before SES began extricating the two occupants.”

The first occupant was being prepared to be transported to hospital by Air Ambulance at around 4.30pm.

Emergency service members freed the second occupant and began preparing them for airlift to hospital at around 5pm before CFA issued a stop on the incident at 5.02pm.

Author: CFA News & Media