Crews overcome tough conditions to free trapped driver

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A strong inter-agency response and new rescue tools helped free a trapped driver from a vehicle during a highly complex rescue operation in Dromana on Thursday afternoon, 30 September.



There was a significant inter-agency response on scene from FRV, Ambulance Victoria and CFA units including Dromana rescue appliances, Mt Martha lighting unit, as well as crew from Red Hill, Rosebud and Mornington.

Firefighters were called to the scene along White Hill Road at around 5.05pm and arrived to find a car down a cliff. The car appeared to have travelled around 20 metres across a culvert and was wedged in large pine trees about four metres above ground.

Incident Controller and Dromana Captain Tim Desmond said crews gained access to the vehicle by manually clearing thick undergrowth and vegetation surrounding the incident scene.

“Despite inclement weather, crews worked tirelessly to gain access to the vehicle initially and provide first aid and support to the driver, who was still conscious during the extrication operation,” he said.

“The car was also suspended around four metres above ground in trees, which was a challenge for our crews.

“FRV rope rescue crews provided resources to safely free the patient and bring them to safety.

“Once access and resources were established, we implemented the rescue plan.”

Over the next two and a half hours crews worked side-by-side to free the patient.

“Road Accident Rescue Operators used their skills to work through the technical operation and free the driver,” Captain Desmond said.

“A rope system was established to provide and retrieve specialist rescue equipment via a stokes litter to the rescuers below.

“Dromana’s new battery-operated rescue tools provided additional capability to free the patient during the technical rescue.”

Crews freed the patient just before 7.30pm and was handed into the care of Ambulance Victoria.

“I’d like to acknowledge the team effort by everyone on scene to safely free the patient,” Captain Desmond said.

“They operated under difficult conditions and tough terrain and adapted to several changes to the rescue plan as we dealt with a range of challenges.

“Likewise, Rosebud brigade stepped up for us and remained on standby at the Dromana Fire Station for our township while rescue operations took place.

“They also responded their Support Unit with rehabilitation supplies for the firefighters on scene.

“Victoria Police ensured scene safety and paramedics worked with the rescuers to assist in patient care while he was being removed from the vehicle.”



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