Diamond Creek unveils new mural by local artist

A new work of art at Diamond Creek Fire Station highlights the amazing work the brigade is doing in their local community. 


The artist, Satoshi Sasayama, with part of the Diamond Creek mural.

If you have driven east on Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek recently you may have found it harder than usual to keep your eyes on the road. 

There is a driveway beside the fire station complex and beside the driveway is a paling fence. 

Local artist Satoshi Sasayama has created a fabulous piece of art depicting the activities of the Diamond Creek brigade and VicPol, who share the site.

This is part of a campaign to improve the amenity of Diamond Creek.

There are a number of other great pieces of his art around the Diamond Creek area. 

This one certainly gives the fire station a boost!

Author: Trevor Kinsey