Doing it for the kids

Member News image Eynesbury Fire Brigade members. Credit: Daniel Connellan, Inspire Design.


A traumatic bus incident last year inspired Eynesbury Fire Brigade to raise money for the annual Good Friday Appeal.


Eynesbury brigade was on scene last May when a bus crash caused injury to multiple children.

Good Friday Appeal area manager and Eynesbury Fire Brigade volunteer Adrian Kendall said a lot of members in the brigade have young kids and we wanted to do more for such a great cause.

“Then the bus accident happened, and we saw doctors flying in from hospitals around Victoria to help and thought what more can we do,” Adrian said.

“It’s not just about raising money, we wanted to go to the hospital because as corny as it sounds kids like firefighters and if we can do something with our time it’s just as valuable.”

Last year the brigade raised money through shaving a member’s mullet off, making $8,333.  This year the brigade wants to get juniors involved in the cause.

“For a town with a population of around 3,000, the money raised is a pretty good effort per capita,” Adrian said.

On Good Friday, the brigade is allocated a hospital ward for children who can’t make it to the lobby.

Adrian said one child really stood out to them after their visit last year.

“A little boy wouldn’t let anyone near him, but he really warmed up to us,” he said.

“It was awesome to see his happiness but also his mum happy, sometimes you forget how much families are affected too.”

Adrian also lives near where the Eynesbury bus accident happened and his wife Cheslea was one of the first people to reach the scene, comforting children involved.

“For me and other people it emphasized the importance of being there for kids, rather than just raising money,” he said.

“To be able to do something so small and show up in a costume and put a smile on a kid’s face, it’s gratifying.”

CFA members will be out and about rattling tins across the state on Good Friday or you can donate to the Good Friday Appeal online here.


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