Doreen brigade rescues kitten from car

The Doreen pumper tanker is now known as kitten control after a weekend rescue.


Houdini the kitten

At about 1.30am Sunday morning, Doreen Fire Brigade were paged to rescue a small kitten that had lodged itself behind a dashboard of the cat owner's car. The kitten had been trapped for several hours before the brigade was called.

Initial investigation using a thermal imaging camera didn't detect anything. However, removing some plastic panels and trim the kitten was found tightly wedged inside the dashboard.

With permission from the owner the attending crew dismantled the dash to access the kitten. Eventually, the frightened kitten was recovered from its uncomfortable position.

As the kitten was a very recent addition to the family, they asked brigade members if they would suggest an appropriate name for the kitten. 

The crew decided Houdini was a good choice.

Houdini seemed quite happy in the cat box after a drink of water, after one one of its nine lives well and truly used up.

Author: Robert Bury