Fireys prepare Dallas Brooks Park for planned burning

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Volunteers from CFA’s Planned Burn Taskforce came together for a coordinated preparation day in Dallas Brooks Park Scout Camp on Sunday 19 February ahead of a large planned burn in the area.


This is the first time the taskforce has been used to undertake preparation works for a planned burn.

The 12 CFA members undertook preparation works of the proposed planned burn as part of the Joint Fuel Management Program so the burn can be delivered safely.

This included creating control lines around the perimeter by brush cutting, rakehoeing and removing cut vegetation, and removing fallen tree limbs and branches across the control lines.

The Joint Fuel Management Program is a statewide​ program managed by a strong, collaborative partnership between CFA and Forest Fire Management Victoria to manage fuel on public and private land. The program integrates a risk-focused bushfire management approach.

The aim of planned burns is to reduce fuel loads in strategic locations.

There is a considerable level of strategy involved in coordinating planned burns, which involves assessments of conditions, risk of fire, terrain and local resource availability.

Rowville Firefighter Michelle Tie said the preparation session was challenging but rewarding work.

“We got to learn more about the planning aspects of burning,” she said.

The crews will return to the area to deliver the burn when weather conditions are suitable.

CFA’s Planned Burn Taskforce was launched to help increase fuel management activities.

The taskforce comprises more than 600 volunteers across the state who are activated when required to help deliver planned burns across Victoria when conditions allow.


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