Every donation matters

As the Emergency Services Blood Challenge continues it’s important to remember the very real reason we are encouraging members to donate. 


As CFA takes over the lead with over 1350 lives saved it’s important to remember just how much each donation matters.

Baranduda Brigade Member Pat Barnes just made his 345th donation.

“I started donating when I was 18 years old; I knew it was something I could easily do to help.

“I continue to donate for that same reason.” Pat added. “You never know what’s going to happen in life and donating regularly is a way to help prior to it being too late.”

Pat said his first donation was at the Flinders Street Centre in Melbourne.

“I went to visit the building that I first donated a few years ago, however I couldn’t find it, that’s how long it’s been.

“I’ve donated in many different places including Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

“I think I’ve very passionate about helping the community, that’s why I donate and that’s why I’m part of the CFA. “

29,000 donations are needed within Australia every week.

“I think donating is something everyone who is able to should think about doing.” Pat added “I’ve known many people who have needed multiple units of blood due to heath issues and that blood doesn’t just appear.

“It’s something that has to be regularly donated as blood only lasts 43 days.”

To find out more information about donating or to view the Emergency Services Blood Challenge results tally head to the Red Cross website.

It's important that every donor makes their donation count…

1.       Ring 13 14 95 or go online to make a blood donation appointment for between 1 June - 31 August.

2.       Join Lifeblood Team: Country Fire Authority here, or in the donor centre, to ensure your donation is added to the universities tally.

Author: Holly Penketh