Horse recovers well thanks to CFA rescuers

A horse is recovering from only minor injuries today, thanks to the quick thinking and collaboration of firefighters from across the region.


The rescue teams at work in Donald.

Donald brigade member Greg Godkin said they were called out at 8.20 am yesterday to reports of a horse fallen into the well.

“We immediately assessed that we needed to pump water out of the well as the horse was treading water,” Greg said.

“We weren’t sure how badly hurt the horse was because we could only see some abrasions to its head. We needed to give the horse a firm footing before it tired.”

CFA swung into action to pump the well while more resources including a local vet and an RSPCA from Birchip were called in to monitor the animal.

While CFA pumped out a significant amount of water, the team also rigged up a harness ensure the horse’s head was held above water until it could stand on solid ground.

Oscar 1 Mine Rescue crews then used a sling to gently lift the horse out of the well, where it was treated by the vet for minor injuries.

Greg touched base with the horse’s owner again this morning and was pleased to report the animal was recovering well after its ordeal.

“It was a situation that could have gone badly,” Greg said. “Instead it ended up being great news for the horse.”

Crews from District 2 attended alongside their Donald colleagues - and FRV in support - all hands on deck to save the animal.

CFA Commander Paul Illman said everyone did an amazing job on the ground to help the horse.

“It was amazing to see the horse being rescued so quickly and efficiently - and preventing further injuries to the horse. The members did an incredible job on the ground.”

Author: Miranda Schooneveldt