Keysborough lets the cat out

Curiosity got the better of Nero the cat last weekend when he found himself in a hot spot of trouble.

On Sunday (6 July) Keysborough Fire Brigade was called to rescue Nero after he managed to get himself stuck head first behind a hot water system.

The owners had just moved into the property, and thought Nero was checking out his new surrounds when he got himself stuck.

Six firefighters attended the operation, including Keysborough Captain Paul Townsend who said teamwork and creative thinking were what got Nero free of the heated situation.

“The rescue presented a few challenges such as cutting power and a very heavy water system,” said Paul.

“The rescue took three attempts and around half an hour before we could get Nero free."

“The water system weighed around 315kgs, we tried removing it but it was well and truly rusted in place.

“We were finally able to get the little guy free buy pulling the hot water system out with a few lengths of canvas hose wrapped around it, used as leverage - Nero was shaken with a few little scratches but was ok.”

Nero’s owners were very pleased to have him back safe and sound.

“I got a message from the owner commending how quickly we were able to get Nero out and how grateful she was he was safe,” said Paul.


This is the first part in our series which looks at the different kinds of calls we respond to. Over this week we will have more interesting pet rescues to share with you.


Author: CFA News